Website solutions for your Business Goals.

Creatively transforming your objectives into digital experiences that produce results.

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I am unavailable 8/12 - 9/1 as I'm getting married! Feel free to schedule within the available times.

Strategy Forward

Clarity of goals returns wealth in results. The Overlook Process™ places strategic thinking at the forefront of the design process.

Web Design & Development

Highlight your business in the best light. Aesthetically pleasing and performant websites that communicate your message and your value.

Collaborative Partnership

Quality relationships are key to valuable exchange. Mindful collaboration creates work that meets not only your's, but your business's needs.

it's as easy as

The Overlook Process™


No sales pitches or slide decks, let's start with an honest conversation about your needs.


Before designing a thing– we'll identify, define, and prescribe solutions to solve real problems.


We'll wrap our strategic findings into an aesthetic, fast, and purpose driven website.


When form & function are dialed, you'll be trained to manage your site and readied for its launch.


No "Maintenance"

Say no more to difficult to manage plugins and bloated features.


Headache Free Updates

Publish new content or make changes in just a few clicks.


Content Management System (CMS)

Save time, and manage a complex site, in a simple and intuitive way.


World Class Hosting

Power your goals with lightning fast, reliable, and scaleable hosting.


Mobile Friendly

Never miss an opportunity, with a 100% mobile responsive website.


Website Analytics

Track and measure what matters with integrated website analytics.

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I'll be your guide.

Heyo, I'm tony seets the face behind this outfit

Using a problem-first approach and aesthetic design, I help grow the organizations I work with. I love collaborating with like-minded ventures and making meaningful impact on their goals.

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Lay of the Land Designs founder, Tony Seets.

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I am unavailable 8/12 - 9/1 as I'm getting married!
Feel free to schedule within the available times.