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I work with passion and pride to create outstanding websites for small business owners and entrepreneurs

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A promise– not just a proposal

Collaboration is at the core of what I do and tangible results are the only determining factor for the success of a design project. In short– my ass is on the line for the outcome of each project I undertake– and that's not a responsibility I take lightly.

Engaged and effective

From start to finish your project will be handled by a single point of contact me– Tony. As an independent consultant, I'm able to cut the red-tapery and provide end-to-end design and development processes, iterate quickly, and save you time, money, and likely some sanity.

All about the execution

Churchill said it best “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” By incorporating strategic thinking into design, my Overlook Process™ puts goals before plans and provides a strategic road map for your projects as well as becomes a guidepost toward your desired outcomes.
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What I do

Strategy is a key component in any design undertaking. Yet, unfortunately, it's often served up as a 10 question questionnaire. It's the researching, gathering, and transforming of information into the fundamental building blocks of a project. A quality strategy is built around the core 1-2 challenges your business has and aims all efforts on solving them.

What you get

Though it's impossible to pinpoint the multitude of benefits a sound strategy can make. When we properly identify issues and proceed to make iterative moves toward addressing them we can use live data to move real performance indicators. When indicators move in the right directions– good things happen.
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What I do

Every piece of research, customer data, insight, and visual creation comes together to create an eye-catching and purposeful website. Building upon our strategic foundation we'll use the best technology available to simplify, streamline and beautify your online presence.

What you get

Imagine new leads pouring in regularly, updated and relevant information for your audience and the speed and performance to match your commitment to your customers. Your business and your website will be everything but behind the times.
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What I do

Build out the programming of the website, load the content and implement custom or 3rd party solutions. I'll place special care in areas of performance, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), analytics, responsive web design and motion effects that surprise and delight.

What you get

Peace of mind knowing that your website is developed on using world class technology and simplicity in terms of what should be easy like; content updates, adding new products, or images. Automatic backups, crazy fast load times, and no traditional "maintenance".
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What I do

Building an attractive, functional and future proof website is only part of the battle. The truth is, it's not over after the first time you hit "Publish". From small tweaks to large changes, new pages, sales initiatives, 3rd party integrations, content updates, etc. I work as a partner ensuring your website stays relevant and top of mind for your customers all while standing fast and secure.

What you get

Maintaining a website in today's digital age means regular maintenance, promotions, optimization, and updated content. I'll be your business and your websites sidekick at every turn. Giving you peace of mind and certainty that what you need done will be done quickly, effectively and with relative ease.
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it's as easy as

The Overlook Process™

We'll work the process from bottom to the top ensuring you're 100% happy with your new vantage point.
Step 1


No sales pitches or slide decks, let's start with an honest conversation about your needs.

Step 2


Before designing a thing– we'll identify, define, and prescribe solutions to solve real problems.

Step 3


We'll wrap our strategic findings into an aesthetic, fast, and purpose driven website.

Step 4


When form & function are dialed, you'll be trained to manage your site and readied for its launch.

Lay of the Land Designs founder, Tony Seets.

Heyo, I'm Tony Seets, I'll be your digital guide

Using a challenge-first approach and aesthetic design, I grow the organizations I work with. I love collaborating with like-minded ventures and making meaningful impact on their goals.

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How can I help?

Book a 30 minute call to see if we're a good fit. And, I'll tell you what, If I can't help, I'll do my best to refer you to someone who can. Now, doesn't that sound like a fair deal?

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“There is one very special person who deserves all the thanks and praise. Tony Seets you are The Tipsy Willow’s true MVP. I’m still brainstorming ways to truly thank you! He not only built our beautiful website, but he built our entire booking process from start to finish. He also built our logo AND the Alcohol Estimator feature on the site– THANK YOU!”

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Owner of The Tipsy Willow

Is your site a help or a drag?

The results are in– the web isn't going away. Your customers are spending more time online. They're shopping in sweatpants, they're buying from Bezos, Etsy, Overstock (is that still a thing?).. I digress- the point is they're not buying from you.

Let's look at why they're choosing the competition.

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